Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hey everyone, like most of the students in our class Bryan Asher and myself created a Twitter account. Neither of us had really used Twitter before so we really needed the classes help to get off the ground. We started off slow, a few tweets each a week; after a few weeks we started following people and making more tweets. we picked some business people to follow such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs along with some other business programs dealing with material we had covered in class. we added the UCCS Twitter page and surprisingly enough they instantly started following us and asked if they could help. After that we decided that our page was to simple and needed a personal touch to make it our own. We uploaded a picture and thanks to a link to a Twitter profile editor we were able to change the background and layout and text colors. Our page was starting to look like a normal page. we then noticed that some others were following us, however we didn't know any of them. This prompted us to look for some fellow students from our class, and we found a few but we couldn't prove that they were really the students in our class due to default pictures. after some more people post there link on the blog we hope to share with others, so please visit our site and we will return the favor.


  1. After using Twitter, would you say that it is a worthwhile social medium?

  2. I would say that it depends on who you are. If you are a business looking to connect more directly with your customers, then absolutely. However, I feel that if you are an individual just looking to communicate with others, then it's not a worthwhile medium.

  3. It feels like Twitter's only real use is for quick real time promotion of a product or event or sale. Rarely do you find any insight on the thing.

    Seriously, have you followed any celebrity or looked at their twitter page? it's pretty much the most vain, egotistical nonsense every written or some easier said than done logic no one cares about, or something a million times more head ache inducing.

    I think it would be a cool idea to follow reputable people or people like you did with businessmen, famous CEO etc. Seems like you did what you could with it and at least got some sort of experience with it.

  4. I dont know how effective twitter can be for someone who does not already have a large social network. Most peopel i believe create a twitter account to follow thier favorite celebrities or other important figures.

  5. I like how Nike uses Twitter. When Nike releases a new product for sale on, Nike tweets the product's name and provide the link to the product.

    But some users tweet about unimportant stuff like what show they're watching. Twitter is still figuring itself out I guess.