Thursday, November 4, 2010

Marketing in the Age of Google

For my book review I read Vanessa Fox's instruction manual on search optimization "Marketing in the Age of Google". There were a lot of direct ties between what's in the book and the presentation we received in class regarding the industry and its benefits. I highly recommend this book one for all marketing majors because this is the direction in which a majority of successful marketing strategies and campaigns are headed, and two for anyone wanting to either start a business or a website. This book gives you direction on how to make your website value-added to both Google and most importantly you customers! It isn't a very long read in that it's only 218 pages filled with large font and a plethora of images and graphs. I initially read the reviews which not only praised the book, but commended it on it's readability and I must say they were accurate for sure! So on the smallest level if you want your website to be in the crucial top 3 spot well this book can help but there may be better suited books, however if you want to optimize your site so that you gain more customer loyalty than anyone wasting money on adwords? Then this is the book for you!

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