Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twitter Marketing

Hey Guys,

For my social media project I looked into companies that have had success using twitter as free marketing. Sorry I got a bit late on adding the twitter account but its @sweettweet_mktg. I found some very interesting ideas from different companies. I am updating my account to include information about successful twitter campaigns. It is very interesting to see how social media has evolved marketing for companies.

I started the the account to really look into Web PR. I liked how companies were using their accounts to make posts and videos to reach more customers. Twitter has helped many companies remake their public relations. One example I have found is the Old Spice page. They have taken something raw and really used it to further their company. Through twitter you can find many ways to find new layouts to better promote your page.

Carl Lum


  1. From your work with looking at successful campaigns, do you feel that Twitter is life and death for a company in this day and age? Or would you say that it is just more of an added bonus; both for the company and the consumer?

  2. This sounds really interesting! We are not familiar with Twitter, but we have noticed on Facebook that people update their company statuses via Twitter. We are curious on how they link those 2 sites together?

    Sarah K. and Julie S.