Friday, November 19, 2010

Jenn and Jess SMproject!

This is it the last post fall 2010

In starting a blog on TypePad, we learned that there are so many details and so much more to think about than just writing something down. We didn't think that it would be so difficult to think of what to talk about and make it interesting enough to make others want to read it. Since our blog was about other social networking sites, it was very beneficial to join these others sites and learn more about them. My particular favorite was, I had a lot of fun adding a mixture of things to my Soup page. The biggest thing we were surprised to learn on our quest, was that there are fewer social networking sites out there that are suitable for companies than we previously thought. The biggest benefit we got from this project was learning about many of the different social networking sites out there and it will really benefit both of us in our careers as marketing has become more social.

After signing up for Flickr, YouTube, digg, twitter and using blogger for our class project, we quickly learned that there are many tools out there for communicating but with these tools come great risk. As I apply for internships and jobs I have to watch what its said on each, even Facebook. It can be very detrimental if what you blog about is negative about anything really.

I found Flickr to be a lot like Facebook without the silly games just post pictures for family and friends! Digg and blogger are just for personal journals, experiences one wants to write about and if they write it right then people want to read it. Its more like for writers who have opinions or great imagination that just need a venue to get their ideas out there.

Now YouTube is one of the most popular and for a reason. You can YouTube anything and learn from it. You can post videos that can work like commercials without payments, increase traffic to websites with YouTube viral that get shared on social networking sights. Though it’s a little odd and you have to play around with it a bit. I used it for the class project and you couldn’t hear what I was saying but when I played it back it sounded fine at home.

So after this semesters project Jess and I have definitely learned more ways to advertise, network, and communicate but also as we both graduate and go on to find jobs we have learned that we have to watch what we say because it can be seen by every one!

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