Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rachael and Will's Twitter Experience

Our Social Media project involved opening a Twitter account and using it as a tool to inform others about popular topics revolving around social media. We both were new comers to Twitter and were using it as a learning tool for ourselves, anticipating our future use of it in the business world. We searched online for interesting social media articles that were related to the content we covered in class and social media information that interested us. In addition we found re-tweeting to be very useful and convenient. For example, we re-tweed “5 Tips to Grow your Twitter Presence” by @ProBlogger. Besides just tweeting about social media topics we used it to create awareness about our final project relating to Google Adwords and provided links to our classroom blogs and book recommendations. There was also room for fun, where we would tweet about our entertaining occurrences throughout the day. There are so many backgrounds and unique design elements that you can incorporate in your Twitter account, and that is something we didn’t approach until the end of our project; but we thought others might want to do so and provided a link for them to explore the possibilities.

There were several problems or inconsistencies we encountered when working on our Twitter project. First, we had a difficult time finding followers. Initially, we received 2 or 3 right off the bat when we signed up and followed 3 people. One of the underlying problems was: do we want quantity or quality? In terms of this project, we thought it would be more useful to have followers that we knew, recognized, or focused on our topic of interest. We didn’t want just any followers talking about social media, but we looked at the content of their pages before requesting them. We connected mainly with people from our class.

Another problem we encountered was the inconsistencies between tweets. We didn’t have time to constantly monitor our Twitter account and often when we would post tweets, they would be within a certain time period. For a business, or to connect with other people, we understand that this takes a lot more upkeep, postings, as well as comments to other’s tweets. We could have also explored the hash tag tool more and provided links to our personal facebook account.

Overall, we learned the value of using Twitter and how it can help promote and create buzz about a business/organization and specific topics. Twitter can bring people from all around the world to communicate on mutual topics of interest. We will both use Twitter in the future and hope it provides us with the benefits that we learned from our project.

Thanks to everyone who followed us! Check us out @Rachael_Will


  1. The same happened to us with our Twitter account, I now see an influx in followers as I am tweeting what's happening indoors from a farmers market and, now tying in, entertainment standpoint since the season ended and we dropped the ball on being consistent. Lesson learned here, very time consuming process to stay up to par.

  2. Good point on the quality vs quanity! That is definitely a big deal. You can get some real random people following you sometimes! Good job on the project-hope you enjoyed it!