Thursday, November 18, 2010

Have you heard of Gowalla?

Sarah Radke and I had initially chosen to try to understand the world of Second Life to get an insight into the innovative form of social networking. As soon as we registered as new users, we found several immediate problems. In order to become a part of Second Life, the program needed to be downloaded to our laptop hard drives. Neither of us had enough space on our computers to support the program so we had to alter our initial curiosity.

I had first learned about Gowalla in another marketing class and suggested it to Sarah. Not a lot of people have heard of this site so we decided to investigate further. We began registering as new users and started using the services.

For those of you who haven't heard of this site before, Gowalla is a social networking site linked to your smart phone. You "check-in" to different locations to rack up points and badges. If you have the most amount of check-ins in a particular spot, you become the major of that place. It's a great way to share the places you've been with your friends. Gowalla serves as Foursquare's primary competitor. (Foursquare is another social network in which you can "check-in") Foursquare has more popularity than Gowalla but I don't think it's as interesting.

We suggest that you all create accounts and add us as friends! It's a great way to stay in touch!


  1. So I noticed that you mentioned in class that Gowalla doesn't have a feature where businesses can offer discounts and deals to their customers, seems like this would be a disadvantage for them since Foursquare offers this. I was curious what features you thought were interesting which made you prefer it over Foursquare?

  2. i like the idea of hitting certain places to rack up points. Seems like a company could hit that site and do some promotional work to build rapport.