Thursday, September 23, 2010

Changing Tracks

So I abbandoned Twitter in place of a blog and I couldn't be happier. I was giving Twitter a second shot at being fun/ interesting, but not surprisingly it has failed to surpass my interest. Maybe I just don't get it and maybe I am just to impatient with it.

However, I am really happy to have a blog now an so far it has been a really fun outlet. It's called "The Blog and Bright Ideas of Bogo" and basically chronicles my train of thought. Here is the link

please please check it out and please please participate :)

Thank you

Talia and Hazel's Twitter Project

Hello class! If you have a Twitter, please follow ours @TweetTipsUCCS and we will follow back! Ours will be about tips on how to improve your Twitter skills and further you or your business on Twitter. Thanks!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The purpose of the Social Media Projects Blog

This blog serves as the gathering point for the social media class projects for the MKTG 4700 e-commerce course at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for Fall 2010. Students are required to use this blog to share the learnings of their social media project, and they may also use it to publicize their project within this project to the class.

If you "stumble upon" or otherwise find this blog and you are not a member of the class, I hope you learn something from it. Keep in mind that all 42 registered students of the class are contributors to this blog, so while I (the course instructor) read and monitor the postings and comments, I don't control the creation of the content. Feel free to join the conversation and leave a comment on the postings if you would like.
TG, the e-commerce prof