Thursday, November 18, 2010

LinkedIn Project Summary

We have spent the past month or so familiarizing ourselves with LinkedIn. We had much success creating an account and figuring out how to use LinkedIn, however we were unable to find people we know on LinkedIn to follow us. We did join a bunch of marketing groups and received a lot of notifications updating us with marketing events and news. We did not have much luck networking due to the limited time but we were able to learn the ropes of LinkedIn. It is something that we both plan to use on our own and create personal accounts so we can start to network. We also created a blog that follows our progress on LinkedIn. Again, we did not have many followers on LinkedIn so there was nobody to check out our blog. Everybody should check out our blog though to get some feedback on LinkedIn. We definitely recommend using LinkedIn especially if you are looking to professionally network. They just partnered with PwC and released Career Explorer which helps graduating students find careers! So check it out, and check out our blog for more info at

Julie S. and Sarah K.


  1. Hey when you joined the marketing groups did you meet and engage with other professionals engaged in marketing? I know you said you did not have alot of
    I learned that when using LinkedIn you should try to respond to users asking questions about you are experienced with so you establish yourself as a professional and that could possibly land you a job or help you with gaining a job in the future.

  2. I agree, LinkedIn is a powerful tool!

  3. I've looked in to linkedin and found that if you are able to put a general statement within your description you have options to be friended by many others. I worked for Primerica and am getting asked to join different professionals in the same field on a daily basis. Maybe something like that would help out.