Thursday, November 11, 2010

Colorado Farmers Markets Twitter bound

For our social media project we chose to publicize Colorado farmers markets via Twitter. Our main focus was to draw visitors to local markets and generate public interest. We addressed the social media aspect of content creation by establishing a bio including key terms that average consumers ‘think of’ to find information via twitter and makes them decide to become a follower. We’ve also tweeted messages containing those key terms such as, Colorado Springs Farmers Market, fresh produce, organic fruits and vegetables, recipes, Colorado Farmers Market, etc. so in the event folks search they can find us. One of the major drawbacks we quickly discovered is the timelines between posting messages. We found that our inconsistency in posting messages (beyond 7 days); our previous tweets became non-visible via twitter search. Another discovery is relevant to Google organic first page, the same applies to twitter where you are able to pull up relevant older posts which are not frequently browsed by the average user. One of the biggest barriers we’ve experienced right out the gate was to maximize the 140 characters allowable via Twitter. So upon following topic specifically we found that several used URL abbreviations. Thankfully the Twitter help center had a thorough article on the topic, as follows: “There are a variety of websites that can shorten your long links, making them easier to fit into Twitter's character limit. These services can provide you with a shorter version of any URL you want to share. Then, you can use the shorter version in your Tweet, and anyone who clicks on it will be redirected to the longer URL. It's that easy”, and so awesome! The one we used is Thus far we’ve been able to follow 13 relevant tweeters and been able to entice 2 to follow us. Come check us out: @farmersmarketCS.


  1. To your knowledge, has their been any increase in interest of the Colorado farmers yet due to the work you did?

  2. Hi Bryan! If interest is measured by followers I'd say that they are coming out of the wood works now. Sadly, however, the season already ended.

  3. Hi Stefanie. It's nice to know that you're involve in helping to promote the Farmer's Market. We know that a farmer plays an important role in our society by producing fresh fruits and vegetables, livestock and that we eat everyday. More power Stefanie.