Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creating Simple Tutorials On Youtube

Hey Everyone!

It seems like the world revolves around some sort of social media now a days. Whether it is a friend's status update on Facebook, a product release tweet from a clothing company or a hilarious viral video release on YouTube the point is no one can really escape the reaches of social media networks. Thus, Martin and myself decided to try and make a video on YouTube on a simple topic: Making a how-to YouTube tutorial for absolute beginners.

YouTube is a powerful tool for self-promotion and sharing of all types of multimedia content on the web. Being so, we decided to make a simple how to video to post on YouTube and what better than to make a simple video on how to make and upload video's on YouTube. This video we made is short step-by-step instructional video for absolute beginners to the web and YouTube.

Creating a how to video is not an easy task. To be able to thoroughly and thoughtfully guide and describe even the most simple of processes in a short video is not easy. For us, we had no idea where to begin, what software to use and how to make it worthy of YouTube. Here we will offer a few tips from what we learned from this project.

Tips We've Learned:

1. Use a good video editing software - Editing for content, quality and material is crucial to making the video good and useful

2. Make it interesting - Add some funny/informal clips to add some personality to the video

3. Keep it short - Try to keep the video's under 5 Min. If they are longer split the clips into 4-5 Min. Individual clips and make a YouTube channel instead

4. Choose the right format - YouTube is picky and sometimes tricky in which formats it allows to be published on its website. If the video is still processing an hour after you have uploaded it don't hold your breath - the video's not going to load

5. Manage your time well - Making & editing video's takes a lot of time so don't procrastinate. Make a list of what you want to do, how to do them and schedule yourself accordingly

So, please watch our video and give us some feedback/comments/suggestions. Thanks!


Cj & Martin


  1. Marty and CJ! Nicely done. Let me have a sip of some of that home-brew!

    We hooked you up on twitter.

    Be sure to follow us @viral_ecomm

  2. No doubt Matt! Thanks for the twitter love! I'm sure marty will hook you up with that pumpkin brew he's making! haha

  3. This is awesome! Only wish this was out earlier so I could have had a guide to you tube video making for the book project. Great Job!

  4. Nicely done guys! I think this will be helpful to some people.

  5. Yup pumpkin brew almost done about to keg it this week. Thanks again CJ for doing the video on this sucka couldnt have done it without ya bro.

  6. What a great project. I was really intimidated about making YouTube videos and posts, but it is actually pretty siple once you get the hang of it. The trick is though to make them interesting and high quality so that people will want to watch or pass the videos on to their friends. Great work!