Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey Guys,

I've had a Twitter account for a few months now, but have never really used it, I've gotten to learn more and more about it every time I log in and its pretty sweet, I've made some tweets already about topics relating to social media, if you would like to follow me, my name is @Rico0626, I'm really excited to see what other things I can learn and benefit off of from Twitter.

Rico Rosario


  1. We will follow you! Follow Us! Rachael_Will

  2. I will follow you! Great idea for the project.

  3. A great way to get more followers on Twitter is to make sure that you are following others. This helps more people to see you and be interested in checking your Twitter out. Be sure though that the people you are following are companies or individuals you are wanting to be associated with are related to the purpose of your account. Nice job!