Tuesday, November 2, 2010

@TweetTipsUCCS How we did!

I hope you all are finding success in your social media projects! Hazel and I did our project on twitter (@TweetTipsUCCS) and have completed 24 tweets, follow 28 people, and we have 15 followers. I would consider this successful for a school project. Tweeting about Twitter, e-commerce, marketing, and social media is very broad and hard to find your niche in. We made several tweets connecting our tweets to @mashable and @mashsocialmedia stories in hopes other people searching for their tweets would see ours. We advertised our Twitter account here and on my personal one. We used things we had learned in this class and what we had each read in our books for our book reports for this class too. If you haven’t already checked out our Twitter please do! Thanks and have a great day!


  1. Please follow us! We are following you, but need more followers. Our name is Rachael_Will

  2. Im glad you were able to have fun on Twitter. I have tried twice before this class through other classes, professors, and friends advice but just found it kind of pointless unless the messages were catchy, to the point or offered some sort of incentive.

    Good Job!!! :)